TU/e's Photography and Ethics of Technology Exhibition: call for submissions

From 8-22 November 2019 the Photography and Ethics of Technology Exhibition will take place at TU /e. This is your chance to show your photography - or video talent to a broader audience. You can submit your photo- or video material of an ethical conflict caused by technology to  photo-ethics@tue.nl. Deadline is 1 September 2019.

Throughout history, technology has been a driver of social change. The technologies of the industrial revolution played a crucial role in shaping modern society, and society has since then continued to be shaped by technological innovations. The exhibition ‘Photography & Ethics of Techno­logy’ focuses on technologies that will not just change specific domains or practices for which they were designed, but that will change our life in a much broader sense. They are called socially disruptive technologies, because they will transform our everyday life, social institutions, cultural practices, healthcare, or the organisation of our economy, business, and work. Historical examples of such technologies include the printing press, the steam engine, electric lighting, and the automobile. More recent examples include the Internet and bio­technologies and brain technologies.

The exhibition ‘Photography & Ethics of Techno­logy’ aims to visualize some of the ethical issues involved. The exhibition is related to the international conference on the Ethics of Disruptive Techno­logies, to be held at Eindhoven University of Technology on November 7-8, 2019. Like the conference, the exhibition has three sub-themes: (1) the future of a free and fair society; (2) the human condition; and (3) nature, life and human intervention. All submissions need to fit into one of these sub-themes. Click here to find an extended description of these themes.

The exhibition is a close cooperation between Studium Generale Eindhoven and the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology.

Practical information

Call to photographers, philosophers, students and employees of 4TU, and others who are interested in the project to submit their materials before 1 September 2019.


  • A picture or a combination of pictures*, preferably with an accompanying text (max 150 words). Pictures may be manipulated. What counts is the resulting image, not the original photograph. Newly made pictures are encouraged, but existing photographic material free of rights may also be submitted. File format should be TIFF.
  •  A movie* of max 1 minute. File format should be MP4. Films with audio will be on display at the exhibition in an earphone setting.

Submissions should be sent to: photo-ethics@tue.nl. In case of large (movie) files a download link should be sent to this address.
On the basis of the submitted material the exhibition will be created and will be shown from November 8-22. In addition, a small booklet about the exhibition will be produced.
Photographs on display at the exhibition will be printed by a professional photo lab. Printing cost will be covered by Studium Generale. Prints will be offered to the participating photographers after the exhibition.

More information

For more information please send an email to photo-ethics@tue.nl.


*In some cases costs being made to realize a particular photograph or movie for this exhibition may be financially compensated. Expenses need to be discussed with the project team in advance.

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