SG Two Minutes Lecture | Hip hop turned 40

Hip Hop has turned 40 last year, so it's time for an ultra short two minutes lecture about the history of hip hop, by our SG program maker and Hip Hop expert David Ernst. Listen, learn and enjoy the tips!

David's tips

SG radio podcast: The history of Hip Hop: 1979 - mid nineties

Not mentioned in the video, but if you're up for a three hour trip down Hip Hop memory lane, then tune in to this radio podcast

SG One Minute tips (ok, ok, and one Two Minutes Lecture)

Shortly after the Corona virus took the stage, daily life has come to a standstill...but not online. Many good on- and offline initiatives in the field of science and culture are emerging right now. Our Studium Generale program makers search the web, consult their network and they love to share with you the gems they have found in: "The one minute tip" video series.

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