CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS | Expedition Stefano Keizers: Exploring Creativity Beyond Limits

Join and experience the expedition with TU/e's Artist in Residence 2023

Would you like to go on an adventure with Stefano Keizers as your guide? Would you dare to jump into the deep end without knowing where you will end up? Then let him take you and a group of fellow students on an expedition. During a series of 10 evening masterclasses in the fall of 2023, you'll discover an unexplored territory beyond borders, comfort zones, fears and shame. Where exactly Stefano will take you, we dare not say, but we do know that this journey will greatly enrich you as a human being.

“When studying at a technical university, it’s difficult to find a different viewpoint because everyone is like: “ok, this is how we solve a question, you do this step by step.” But when you’re in such a creative project, you see there are so many different viewpoints, so I think everyone should join a project like this.” -- Dhwani Swami, participant former Artist in Residence project

Stefano Keizers -born as Gover Meit and currently using the alias Donny Ronny- is the most famous performance artist in the Netherlands and will be TU/e's Artist in Residence 2023. And you have the unique opportunity to be part of this project!  It doesn't matter what you study at TU/e, whether you're introverted or extraverted, creative or not so much... All you need is an open mind, time, dedication, and above all, a healthy curiosity.

What it involves
The group will be composed of 25 participating students - Bachelor, Master, PhD and EngD, all from different faculties -- and Stefano Keizers.

The expedition consists of: 

  • An opening activity on Monday, September 11
  • Seven master classes on Monday evenings from 18:00 - 22:00 on September 18, 25, October 2, 9, 30 and November 13, 20)
  • A one-day field trip, 23 October
  • A final presentation on Monday, November 27

The communication language is English. We expect you to be present on all dates. The expedition is free of charge.

What will you get out of it?
That’s the big question… And perhaps the most important question of all is: Can you live with that question? Step aboard this unique expedition -- be surprised, experience it to the fullest, and enjoy the ride.

Artist in Residence at TU/e
For the third time since 2019, TU/e will be temporarily "inhabited" by an Artist in Residence. Following in the footsteps of musician Spinvis (2019) and writer Arnon Grunberg (2021), it is now the turn of experimental performance artist Gover Meit, better known as Stefano Keizers and now Donny Ronny.

Gover Meit, better known as Stefano Keizers and currently as Donny Ronny, graduated from the Rietveld Academy and is a visual artist, theater maker, presenter and media personality. What is constant is that he doesn't shy away from artistic expression, he is wary of being labelled, and he dares to challenge himself…always. Deriving great inspiration from the artist Marina Abramovic, the result of his work is usually an unprecedented experience -- often funny, sometimes alienating, and almost always (slightly) absurd. Although many people know him for his humor, Stefano Keizers is, above all, someone who challenges the status quo and makes people think.

Sign up
There are a limited number of places available for this expedition. Participants will be selected on the basis of their motivation. Send your motivation in writing or on video to studium.generale@tue.nl by Wednesday 28 June with the subject line "Expedition Stefano Keizers". We will notify you before summer vacation if you are one of the lucky few chosen to participate.

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