Reserve your spot now for Q1 programs

Studium Generale is on summer break until September 5th.  Of course, behind the scenes we are working hard on an awesome new program for the first quarter, which you can find under the "Program" tab. Early birds can reserve or buy their tickets now to be sure of a seat. So in a nice lazy moment - after playing beach volleyball, beer pong or just lying in the grass with your bare feet - be sure to check out the new SG programs that will give you a fresh start to the new college year.

Watch programs on demand
Last year we also recorded some lectures and even a classical concert, which you can watch in the "On demand" section of this website.  It's worth scrolling through the nearly 70 interesting videos and watching the ones that pique your interest.

Have a great summer and we look forward to welcoming you to Studium Generale on September 5th!

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