Column | Get a grip

On our way back from a skiing holiday in Valthorens, the highest ski resort in Europe, where the conditions can be harsh, the car starts to lose grip on the road and we steadily slide down a slope...

We are not out of Valthorens yet and haven’t had a chance to put on snow chains when the misery begins. The car slides down more and more quickly. A parking garage and a large number of parked cars are rapidly approaching. I push the brakes with all my might and try to control the steering wheel. But I don’t have a say anymore in the matter.

"I can't do anything!" I scream, feeling my heart pounding in my throat..

From the back seat, I hear my daughter say drily, “What are your options?” Just in time, I release the brakes, straighten the steering wheel, and find the car regaining grip on the slippery road again, and come to a stop just before a merciless-looking wall.

I see something similar happen during these corona days. At first you often only see what is not possible, before you realize that there is a choice: "don’t block" and "straighten the steering wheel". Do not cramp and despair but realize how you can get back on track.

Lucas Asselbergs, Head of Studium Generale

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