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To widen your horizon, get inspired or experience something truly exceptional you can all year long attend a great number of different activities of Studium Generale. A wonderful little extra besides the TU/e’s regular education offering. Lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, theatre and film shows, workshops and other special activities. Mostly free of charge. For students, but also in collaboration with students. What exactly? See below or check out our program!

Program committees
Build up contacts – make friends – present – widen your perspective – book rock bands – improve your cv – organize a festival – be on stage – develop yourself?

At Studium Generale we love your input. That’s why we have a film committee (contact person Brit Thomassen) and a music committee (contact person David Ernst).

Also for lectures, debates and interviews we like to hear what topics interest you as a student and which guest speakers you would like to see at the TU/e. You can also actively participate in organizing such an activity. Contact persons: Marle de Jonge and Gijs van de Sande.

We are regularly on the lookout for people to generate ideas and work for committees and programs. If this tickles your fancy, please make an appointment or drop by at the SG office, room 2.02, Auditorium, tel 040 247 4900, or send an e-mail to studium.generale@tue.nl. 

Collaboration with associations and clubs
Studium Generale is also open to collaborations. Be it individual students, study associations, student culture associations and all other study clubs, you are most welcome to team up with us.
If you have a good idea for a jointly organized activity, please contact us. Think of a lecture, a concert, a theater play, a quiz, a workshop, a film screening or something completely different: you can throw any idea on the table.

However, we cannot honor all requests for cooperation, so sometimes it'll stick to a consulting session. But often we do start a collaboration to develop a starting idea into a -hopefully- fantastic program. What's important here is that we really do it together, that the program is accessible to a wide student audience, that it is in line with our mission: societal, scientific and cultural broadening of students, and that we have enough time to work everything out properly because of fixed deadlines we have for our programming.
Feel free to send us an email or stop by the office (Auditorium 2.05 and 2.06): our door is always open.

Student assistants
We have a number of student positions (see the contact page). Now and then positions open up. Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page or enquire through e-mail or telephone.

Executive committee
The executive committee of Studium Generale has final responsibility for the program policy. The committee includes prof.dr.ir. Yvonne de Kort (chair), prof.dr.ir. Jom Luiten, prof.dr.ir. Ines Lopez Arteaga, prof.dr.ing. Guus Pemen, dr. Lucas Asselbergs (secretary) and Fynn Schmidt and Shrila Sewnarain Sukul (student members).

Studium Generale's mission is to encourage and cultivate a lifelong quest for intellectual knowledge and broadening. It helps students and anyone wishing to gain new insights and experiences to broaden their horizons on an academic, cultural, societal and personal level by offering them a wide range of lectures, discussion programs, films, documentaries, theater performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and excursions, among others. In this way, Studium Generale offers people the opportunity to develop an inquisitive and engaged mindset toward the world, as well as an evaluative view of it. Most programs are free to attend, are open to the public and take place on the vibrant TU/e campus.*

*In some cases, programs are exclusively for students and/or a modest admission fee applies. In all such cases, this is clearly stated on the relevant program pages of this website.

Cultural Student Associations
If you are a student in Eindhoven who is interested in culture, then Scala is definitely a place to explore. Scala is the umbrella association of the cultural student associations in Eindhoven, located in the Luna building on the TU / e campus. The associations offer many different activities, ranging from dance to board games, from theater to photography and much more.

Studia Generalia elsewhere in the Netherlands 
Many universities in the Netherlands and an increasing number of universities of applied sciences include an active Studium Generale. Although the size and contents of the programs may strongly vary across cities, these Studia Generalia have the same mission.

Almost all Studia Generalia advertise their program through their own website. Click here for a list.

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