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T:  040-2474900

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Visiting address 
Building 1 | Auditorium (room 2.02)
Groene Loper

Postal address
PO Box 513 | 5600 MB Eindhoven

Sat nav address
De Zaale | Eindhoven

Map and directions

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 51278871
VAT number: NL001956218B01


Opening hours & locations

Office Studium Generale
Monday through Thursday from 9.00 to 16.30 hrs
Building 1 | Auditorium (room 2.02)
Groene Loper 1

De Blauwe Zaal
lectures, debates and live interviews
Building 1 | Auditorium
Groene Loper 1

Theatre shows, concerts, workshops and special programs
Building 31
De Lampendriessen 31

Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos
films and documentaries
Building 4
Groene Loper 4

Some programs take place in the city, such as the Science Café (bookshop Van Piere, Nieuwe Emmasingel 44).

Team Studium Generale

Lucas Asselbergs
Head of Studium Generale and exhibitions
Auditorium 2.06 / 040-2472634

Sanne Claassen
Public information and secretariat
Auditorium 2.02 / 040-2474900

Florence Bouvier
Public information and secretariat
Auditorium 2.02 / 040-2475300

Miep Swaminathan
Communications and publicity
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2475513

Esther Matthijsse
Graphic design and content creation 
Auditorium 2.05

David Ernst
Program manager | e.g. music, workshop
Auditorium 2.02 / 040-2472013

Liza Gloudemans
Program manager | e.g. theater, film, workshops
Auditorium 2.02/ 040-2473492

Marle de Jonge
Program manager | e.g. lecture, debate, workshop
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2472828

Gijs van de Sande
Program manager | e.g. lecture, debate, workshop
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2472071

Brit Thomassen
Program manager | e.g. film and theater
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2475348

Student assistants
Vera Beerepoot | support SG website
Sverre Tveitan | program support lecture, debate & interview
Famke Berg | Luna technique and support
Luuk Gubbels | Luna box office and publicity
Louis Bartholomeus Herranz| Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos box office
Witold Greda | Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos film operator

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