For all questions and remarks please contact us:

T:  040-2474900

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Visiting address 
Building 1 | Auditorium (room 2.02)
Groene Loper

Postal address
PO Box 513 | 5600 MB Eindhoven

Sat nav address
De Zaale | Eindhoven

Map and directions

Chamber of Commerce registration number: 51278871
VAT number: NL001956218B01


Opening hours & locations

Office Studium Generale
Monday through Thursday from 9.00 to 16.30 hrs
Building 1 | Auditorium (room 2.02)
Groene Loper 1

De Blauwe Zaal
Lectures, debates and live interviews
Building 1 | Auditorium
Groene Loper 1

Theatre shows, concerts, workshops and special programs
Building 31
De Lampendriessen 31

Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos
films and documentaries
Building 4
Groene Loper 4

Team Studium Generale

Lucas Asselbergs
Head of Studium Generale and exhibitions
Auditorium 2.06 / 040-2472634

Sanne Claassen
Public information and secretariat
Auditorium 2.02 / 040-2474900

Florence Bouvier
Public information and secretariat
Auditorium 2.02 / 040-2475300

Miep Swaminathan
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2475513

Esther Matthijsse
Graphic design and content creation 
Auditorium 2.05/ 040-2473674

David Ernst
Program manager | e.g. music, workshops
Auditorium 2.02 / 040-2472013

Liza Gloudemans
Program manager | e.g. theater, workshops
Auditorium 2.02/ 040-2473492

Marle de Jonge
Program manager | e.g. lectures, debates, workshops
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2472828

Gijs van de Sande
Program manager | e.g. lectures, debates, workshops
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2472071

Brit Thomassen
Program manager | e.g. film, workshops
Auditorium 2.05 / 040-2475348

Student assistants
Vera Beerepoot | support SG website
Lente Brinksma | program support lecture, debate & interview
levin Kroenke| Luna technique and support
Evan Broeren | production support
Eline Smit | Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos host and administration
Witold Greda | Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos film operator

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