USE label becomes USE/ITEC label

As of the 2023-2024 academic year, the so-called USE label will change to the USE/ITEC label. For Bachelor students who are not in their first year, the obligation to follow 5 programs of Studium Generale with USE label remains unchanged. For new first year students (from September 2023) who take ITEC instead of USE, the same obligation applies.


So the obligation remains, only the label (also visible on this website) changes. What is also changing is how the USE label is applied. Previously, the USE label was only given to SG programs that were academically enriching and reflective in nature, such as lectures, discussions, documentaries followed by a Q&A session, or with an introduction.

After consultation with the Governance Committee of Studium Generale, it was decided to apply the USE/ITEC label to a wider range of Studium Generale programs. In other words, the label will now be applicable to programs that are clearly broadening and expose students to scientific, social and cultural topics and activities that they would not normally encounter. These programs also require effort and/or reflection of the student.

In practice, this means that you now have many more opportunities to choose from a wide range of SG programs, which is fully in line with Studium Generale's goal of broadening students' scientific, social, and cultural horizons.

To learn more about the SG&USE/ITEC requirement, registration and contact options, please see the "USE/ITEC" tab on this website.

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