USE: The Final Countdown

Bachelor graduates: do not forget to collect your USE points @ Studium Generale

Summer is almost here and so is the end of this college year, so maybe you are in full sprint to finalize your Bachelor program. While dashing towards the end, don not forget to check whether you have collected your five USE points through the Studium Generale program. These five USE points are mandatory.

Until mid-June you can still attend nice programs of which many carry the USE label. Make sure to be in time, because it takes two weeks after attending, before the USE points are registered in your account.

It is also smart to reserve a spot in advance via the website, just in case the program sells out and you won’t be able to attend. At the program itself, you scan your student card at the entrance to get your USE point.

So go go go and quickly find a program that catches your attention. Betcha you will be surprised!

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