SG 24/60: the aftermovie

Studium Generale turned 60 this year and we celebrated big time on October 4 and 5 for 24 hours straight. We felt truly inspired by all speakers, guests and performers who, together with all the people that attended, made SG 24/60 a memorable event to us. Thank you for being part of it, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. And in case you missed it; too bad (gheghe), but no worries, because there is more where that came from. Lots of good lectures, music, theater, films, dance and workshops are up for the coming months so keep an eye on our website, follow us on Facebook or grab our quarterly program booklet that is distributed around  TU/e campus. 

Annoying and preachy as can be, we throw in a  good old tacky cliche: 'A picture is worth a thousand words', so just let this one-minute-SG24/60-aftermovie speak for itself.
(video credits Mathias Verheijden)

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