TODAY: SG24/60 don't miss it!

Today is the big day: SG24/60 is happening! We will surprise you 24 hours non-stop with inspiring lectures, interviews, a film night, workshops, a nightly dance marathon and a steaming primetime hiphop- and dance line-up in Corona, Luna. And good to know: it's all for free, so come and join us. Check the timetable.

Shining at SG24/60 will be:

  • Dutch hiphop legend Fresku
  • World famous urban dance act The Ruggeds
  • Self-propelling beach animal (strandbeest) by Theo Jansen
  • Microbiologist Rosanne Hertzberger and chef Erling Rugsten about food & technology
  • People’s philosopher Bas Haring
  • TU/e top professors Maarten Steinbuch & Bert Meijer
  • Tin Men and the Telephone
  • Fresh breakfast: From Tai Chi to Chai Tea
  • And lots more, check the timetable


"SG24/60 offers you both variety and depth like you are used to from us. Already 6 decades Studium Generale broadens horizons and inspires students, staff and other visitors to look, feel and think beyond existing perspectives. Today people can experience a marathon of fun experiences and surprising insights. Everyone is more than welcome to join and celebrate 60 years of SG!", says Lucas Asselbergs, head of Studium Generale.

Curious? Check the program*.

Hop on whenever you like and join the experience. See you today!

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