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More than twenty-three hundred new students were recently introduced to Studium Generale ("SG" for insiders) during the online intro quiz. We got to know them a bit during that quiz and they got to know us. For example, we learned that some of them are coming to study to work on a improving the world and that some of them are supporters of the virus insanity point of view. No majority, but still, remarkable. We are eager to get to know all students very well and we sincerely hope that feeling is mutual.

What SG offers the coming months and where you can find it, is pretty straight forward. We have a broad variety of inspiring programs of which you can find more info on our website, Insta, Facebook or even via a paper folder. Where these programs all take place is a bit more complicated, because before the corona era we were practically always in De Blauwe Zaal (Auditorium), Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos or the Luna building. Since corona invaded our lives, you can also follow most of it online, from any place you like, as long as you have internet.

OK, that is also quite clear. But now why SG?

Well, that question is slightly more difficult to answer. Sure, we offer programs, also in the near future. There is, for instance, a wonderful story by a female astronaut coming up, an evening about love (there’s always something you can learn from that) and an evening about dark dystopias. In short, SG has a wide range of lectures, concerts, plays, films and workshops. Cool, weird, disconcerting, funny or controversial. Created with you, or with you in mind.

But why?

The (incomplete) answer is to help you become an even broader, more versatile, society-oriented, culture-enjoying Master of Science. Because, although most of the respondents indicated in our intro quiz that they came to learn a trade, everyone knows that a university is the ideal place to develop yourself in the full breadth, beyond 'the subject' and beyond your comfort zone. SG is happy to help you with that.

If you now think: "Slick words, but I don't yet get it", then be sure to watch the short "conspiracy" movie above that we made for you.

Let's together make this extraordinary year unforgettable and a beautiful adventure.


Lucas Asselbergs, Head of Studium Generale TU/e

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