Your feedback is worth its weight in gold

You have not yet received the product you’ve ordered online and you are already prompted to fill in a survey. Rrretty recognizable, right? Nowadays, everyone is asked for their opinion all the time. Spam flourishes lushy in your inbox and to ensure a tight email-discipline, clicking away and deleting is often the easiest thing you can do.

And still, we ask you not to do that if you see a super short questionnaire from us in your inbox anytime soon. We guarantee you can finish it within one minute, and it would help us so incredibly to improve the programs we organize for you, your fellow students - and all those interested to broaden their horizon. How did you like the program you visited and did you learn anything new from it? Those are basically the two things we want to know from you. With additional opportunities to explain your answers. 
With this information we can do a lot for the full breadth of our program, whether it is a lecture, discussion, film, concert, theater performance, exhibition, excursion, workshop or whatever. That's how you really help make Studium Generale even more for and by students. 

And because your opinion is so valuable....
...you can optionally enter your email address when filling out the questionnaire if you want to compete for a small golden present that we raffle off once a month among the entrants.

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