SG24/60 The TU/e campus hunt for Strandbeesten has begun

With the final preparations for the SG24/60 event taking over our workdays, the Studium Generale team  thought it would be a good idea to tackle one of our other priorities :) : Investigating if TU/e students, besides being nifty professors-to-be, are skilled hunters as well.  And since it's not Easter yet, we decided to not hide stinky boiled eggs, but 10 mini Strandbeest kits across the TU/e campus.

The hunt is full on and some assembling kits have been discovered already. Like the one Yi He Zhu found (see the images). So hurry up: find one...build one...keep one. And come to see its inventor Theo Jansen demonstrate a big Strandbeest on October 4th at 13.00 (KOEveld) and visit his lecture.

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