InScience film festival On Tour Eindhoven

Birds of America
Monday 22 November | 19:30 - 21:45 | Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos, TU/e campus | info and tickets.

Birds of America is a love letter to the founder of nature conservation and an American odyssey along the banks of the Mississippi River that shows what was lost in a relatively short period of time due to industrialization, greed and indifference.
(Urban) ecologist and also founder of Wild Eindhoven, Nuno Curado, will give an introduction to the film and answer questions from the audience afterwards.

In Silico
Tuesday, November 23 | 19:30 - 21:45 | Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos, TU/e campus | info and tickets

A young filmmaker sets out to document a brilliant neuroscientist who has become frustrated with his field’s status quo. With time elapsing and millions of dollars on the line, In Silico explores an audacious 10-year quest to simulate the entire human brain on supercomputers. Along the way, it reveals the profound beauty of tiny mistakes and bold predictions — a controversial space where scientific process meets ego, and where the lines between objectivity and ambition blur.
After the film screening, Dr Regina Luttge and Prof Bert de Vries, both from Eindhoven University of Technology, will share their views on in-silico and in-vitro neural networks and answer questions from the audience.

Citizen Nobel
Wednesday, November 24 | 19:30 - 21:45 | Natlab, Kastanjelaan 500 | info and tickets

When Jacques Dubochet receives the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2017, his life changes. Out of the shadows and into the light, he is suddenly being contacted from all sides. What can he do with his voice, which is now being heard by everyone? How should he, as a ‘nobel citizen’, fulfill his responsibility as a researcher and human being? Then a speech by Greta Thunberg turns everything upside down.

Prof. Dr. Bert Meijer of Eindhoven University of Technology will give an introduction to the film by going deeper into the ceremonies surrounding the Nobel Prize and what happens after winning such a prize. Afterwards there will be a Q&A with the audience.

InScience - International Science Film Festival Nijmegen
InScience is one of the largest science film festivals in Europe and unique in the Netherlands. The festival focuses on the intersection between film, science and society. The program consists of science films, debates and an education program for children and young people. The seventh edition of the festival took place from 10 to 14 November 2021 in Nijmegen. The satellite edition 'InScience On Tour Eindhoven' will take place from 22 to 24 November 2021 at Studium Generale TU/e in Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos on the TU/e campus and at Natlab on the kastanjelaan 500 in Eindhoven.

Corona check
InScience On Tour Eindhoven follows the government guidelines regarding the Covid-19 measures. Therefore a corona check will take place at the entrance of the venues. 


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