USE alert for Bachelor graduates

If your are planning to graduate for your Bachelor degree soon, make sure you have registered your attendance for five (mandatory) SG & USE programs at Studium Generale.


The end of the 2020-2021 college year is near. Some of you may be eagerly looking forward to the holidays while you yourself may be in full sprint to finalize your Bachelor program anytime soon. While dashing towards the end, do not forget to check whether you have registered for five SG & USE programs total over the past study years. These five SG & USE registrations are mandatory to get your BA degree. For the SG & USE registrations you obtained prior to September 2020 click here (make sure you are logged in on the TU/e network).  For an overview of the SG & USE registrations you obtained after September 2020 please look in Academy Attendance.

Last chance to register this academic year

On Thursday, June 10, you can still register for SG & USE at the live streamed Pecha Kucha Night #40. And on Monday, June 14, it's your last opportunity to register for SG & USE this academic year at the live streamed lecture "Synthetic Biology: Engineering life."

It may take up to two weeks after attending, before the SG & USE registrations have been processed and are visible in your account. After June 14, there will be a summer stop and there will be no Studium Generale (USE) programs you can attend until the start of next college year. As of September 8, you will be able to attend (USE) programs with us again (online and if possible also on campus).

So go go go and put both programs in your agenda now, in order not to miss the last two opportunities to register for SG & USE.


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