The earth shakes, people are suffering, let us help

Barely recovered from Covid and still in the midst of the Ukraine war and its aftermath, the world was shaken by a devastating earthquake, one of the most horrific natural disasters in recent decades. The upheaval and suffering are indescribable. All you can do is take heart from the help and compassion offered by so many, and from the familiar feelings of grief and relief. Whether you live in southern Turkey or Syria, or study at TU/e, everyone recognizes the joy and emotion when someone is rescued from the rubble after many days of despair. These emotions are universal and unite people regardless of their background, religion or political beliefs.

Like everyone else, we deeply sympathize with those affected. Therefore, we wholeheartedly support our university's fundraising campaign and hope that as many people as possible will donate according to their means. Donations can be made through this weblink.

Lucas Asselbergs
Studium Generale, Head of department 

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