Get € 1000 to organize a badass SG program

Do you have a creative idea for an exciting Studium Generale (SG) program and want to put in the work to make it happen? We want to hear from you! We are looking for students who can book a unique and inspiring program or act for students. You can pitch your idea to us and the one(s) with the best idea will get € 1000 (not in your pocket though)  to bring it to life.

The requirements are simple: you are a student at TU/e and you will be responsible for organizing everything, from contacting the artist/performer/band, to arranging the booking, the practicalities and providing input for the promotion. 
We are looking for something original, exciting, emotional, inspiring or just plain weird and fun. It should attract a broader group of TU/e students than just you and your friends. Please note that we are looking for professional acts, and that this is not the right platform to put yourself or your (student) organization in the spotlight.  

So, have you always dreamed of bringing your favorite comedian to campus? Do you want to organize a large-scale game that challenges the audience’s perceptions and beliefs? Or do you want to throw a pool party with your favorite obscure Danish jazz band? Your time has come. Get in touch with us before Thursday 25 April 2024, by sending an email to studium.generale@tue.nl with the subject line “Our €1000 winning idea” or drop by our office in Auditorium 2.02 and convince us of your badass idea.

Student testimonial about organizing a Student Take-Over program
Antonia is from Romania and is a student in the TU/e’s Built Environment department. She organized the Student Take-Over program “Riding the Spectrum”: a lecture about how autism and neurodiversity can fuel success.

"I participated in the Student Take-Over program because I wanted the community to have access to something I was fortunate enough to have: a story that reveals potential help for those who are struggling and a valuable lesson in inclusivity for everyone.
I found the experience very special and rewarding: from the proactivity of Studium Generale's program organizers, David and Liza, in helping shape my idea and fully supporting me in making it happen, to the appreciation of the audience - showing me that the message I was trying to get across was as important as I thought it should be.
I've learned that sometimes taking the initiative to stand up for what you believe in is a crucial step in making a social impact. I've also learned that if you want to express something that you feel is important, the Student Take-Over Program is a great way to do it".

Previous Student Take-Overs
And because the proof is in the pudding; Here, here and also here are the results of some of last year's ideas that we already granted.

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