Coronavirus and the SG programs

Last verified: Tuesday 7 April 2020 at 14.00 hrs

Studium Generale follows the TU/e policy regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is based on the RIVM guidelines. This means that Studium Generale programs until the end of the 2019/2020 academic year can only be offered in modified form (online) and registration for USE is not possible.

SG USE points and graduation
Students who wish to obtain their Ba before the start of Q1 2020/2021 will receive an exemption for the five Studium Generale USE points, provided that they have fulfilled all other obligations for obtaining the Ba diploma.

Online programming
We are currently developing online alternatives for our programming, so that we can continue to offer you programs that help broaden your horizon, even or especially in these challenging times. We recommend that you check the Studium Generale website regularly for the most up to date information about upcoming online events and also follow our Instagram and Facebook pages. In the coming period we will post "One minute tips" in the field of science and culture, selected especially for you by our program makers.

TU/e policy on the coronavirus
Up-to-date information about the TU/e policy on coronavirus measures can be found on www.tue.nl/corona.

Questions and/or ideas
Do you have any questions for us and/or suggestions for program topics that we could work on? Then be sure to contact us. The employees of Studium Generale currently work from home. They can be reached by email and phone (Monday - Thursday 9.00-16.30 hours).