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What an academic year it has been, right? We've started off in Covid's high season, sometimes being quarantined, had the occasional lock-down, but eventually the situation began to change, for the better, and measures were eased step by step. This allowed us to finally take our lectures, films, concerts, theater performances, workshops and expo's back to campus again, where they belong. Where we can really meet eachother, have conversations and discussions face to face, look each other in the eyes, feel the vibe of the crowd and have a good time together. 

And that's exactly what we did, and what we aim and hope to continue to do next college year. But first....we are going on a summer holiday!

Summer break
Studium Generale has a summer break until 5 September*. Of course we are working hard behind the scenes to organize a kick-ass new program for you for the first quartile which is now published under the tab "Program" .
Early birds can already reserve or buy tickets to attend a program on campus. So in an idle moment between playing beach volleyball, beer pong or just lying barefoot in the grass, be sure to check out the new SG programs that will give you a fresh start of the new college year.

Watching programs ‘on demand’
Many of the online lectures, interviews, discussion programs from the past college year can still be viewed on our website. It's well worth scrolling through the page with almost 60 interesting videos to pick out one or two that catch your interest and then just press play.  

For now: good luck with the upcoming exams. You can do it! After that: enjoy a fantastic summer and we will welcome you from September 5th onwards at Studium Generale!

*  The Studium Generale office will be closed from 11 July until August 1 2022.  We will not be able to respond to emails and phone calls during this period. 

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