Wanted: artistic 'Heroes like you'

Everyone is spending lots more time at home than usual which offers great opportunities to develop your artistic talents. It’s time to expose those talents in an exhibition on the TU/e campus featuring your work and others, a wonderful collection of creative statements.

You hardly have an idea how many fantastic, creative employees and students reside at TU/e. We are looking for creative heroes (TU/e students and employees) who want to show their drawings, comics, cartoons, paintings, photos, sculptures, textile art products or other physical artworks. There is no theme you have to comply with, it may and can be anything you want to express yourself and share with the public. In short, we are looking for artistic "Heroes like you".  Along with the exhibition, the student / employee will be highlighted in a printed publication: The story behind the maker and the work.

Send your idea, proposal or question to studium.generale@tue.nl before March 1. When exactly the exhibition will take place, depends on what is possible on campus in the coming months. It’s clear however that the exhibition will take place, and this is your chance to show your artistic side. Exciting, surprising and 100% TU/e.