Coronavirus and the SG programs until November 12, 2021

Last verified: Wednesday 16 June 2021, 15:00

Studium Generale follows the TU/e policy regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), which is based on the national government policy. For our programs, starting again in September, this means that- until further notice -, most of them can be followed simultaneously, both at a campus location and online via livestream.
Please keep a close eye on this website for the latest news.

Until November 12, 2021 (end of quarter 1), this means that: 

  • There is an annual summer break. This year it’s from June 15 to September 6. You cannot attend any Studium Generale programs during this period.  
  • From 6 September onwards all lectures, interview-, discussion- and music programs can be attended both at a campus location (for a limited group of visitors, until Covid-19 measures are eased), and they can also be viewed online via a livestream on Studium Generale Facebook and YouTube
    • To attend a program at campus you are required to reserve a ticket.
    • To watch a program live online you do not need reserve a ticket.
  • The exception is the film program; from 6 September you can catch a movie again in Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos on the TU/e campus from Monday to Wednesday. Tickets can be bought online via the website. As of August 22, the entire film program can be found on this website.
  • All other programs for quartile 1 (6 September - 12 November) will already be on this website on 15 July. From then, it will also be possible to reserve tickets to attend a program at campus. 

SG & USE Registration 

For programs that bear the USE label, it is possible to register with your student ID card. As long as it is unclear what the visitors capacity will be based on Covid-19 restrictions, it is possible to register for SG&USE both at the campus location and online. This can be done either before a program starts at the campus location, or online after the live streamed program. Instructions can be found on the related program pages. 
PLEASE NOTE: The regulation to be able to register online for USE may change if the Covid-19 measures are eased further, so please keep an eye on this website for up-to-date information!

You can read more info about the SG & USE regulations and conditions on the USE page.  

TU/e-policy regarding the coronavirus

Up-to-date information on the TU/e policy regarding coronavirus measures can be found on www.tue.nl/corona.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. Studium Generale employees are currently working from home. They can be reached by email and telephone (Monday - Thursday 9.00-16.30 hours). Please note that our office is closed from July 26 until August 15.