Coronavirus and the SG programs | updated on 24 September 2021

Last verified: Friday 24 September 2021, 09:00

Starting September 25th, the SG&USE-labeled programs can be attended  without 1.5 m. social distance and with maximum room occupancy. So we invite everyone to visit our programs back at campus again. Reservations in advance are required and can be made via the black order button on the program pages on this website. There will be no CoronaCheck for these programs, but there will be a reservation check.

An exception is the film in Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos. Since that takes place in the same building as a restaurant , De Zwarte Doos, you may be asked to show your CoronaCheck app before entering De Zwarte Doos, regardless of whether you are attending a SG&USE-labeled program or not.

For programs without SG&USE labels, (1) reservations are required, (2) you must show identification, and (3) your CoronaCheck app will be checked. Again, maximum room occupancy is allowed.

The lectures will be streamed live via Studium Generale Facebook en YouTube until 12 November so they can also be followed from home. It’s then also possible to register online for SG&USE. To watch the livestream you do not need to make a reservation.
Please note: keep in mind that this arrangement will basically end in the next quartile, i.e. you will not be able to follow an online program with SG&USE label after 12 November.

As long as Corona measures are in effect nationwide, rules can change. Check our website for current news and changes.

TU/e policy regarding coronavirus. 

Up-to-date information on the TU/e policy regarding coronavirus measures can be found on www.tue.nl/corona.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact us. Studium Generale employees are currently mostly working from home. They can be reached by email and telephone (Monday - Thursday 9.00-16.30 hours).