Dance, Theatre

Student Takeover: Who’s Your Neighbor?

Wednesday, May 29 , 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Corona hall, Luna building
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

Are you ready to hear the story of your life? If so, who would be the one to tell it? Maybe it’s your neighbor, childhood friends, teachers, or yourself. Perhaps it would be your resume or your future employer. Or perhaps it should be the future version of yourself, just before you pass away…?

Join us for an immersive performance unlike any other, which invites you to reshape the way you think about your life. 

Words express thoughts, but thoughts are always deeper than the words that describe them. Think about it: thoughts are remnants of experiences, and experiences are made of sound, imagery, scent, flavor, touch, and temperature. Can words alone bear the weight of this myriad of sensations?

Who is Your Neighbor? will challenge you to look back on your life, from the very beginning. In the beginning, there were no words, just the world in its rawest form. There was no Self and no World until part of the whole became aware of its own existence; the Self separated from the World. You found yourself in a strange place, surrounded by similar creatures who seemed to be having a similar experience to yours. It seemed that you would live this experience forever, not once suspecting that one day you would become like those who brought you into the world. Then time passed, you made choices, attracted people to your life, and parted ways with others. Where are you now? Where are you going?

Don’t hesitate and allow yourself to go back to the beginning of time and immerse yourself in a show full of lights, sounds, dance, music, and other curious creatures like you. You will feel before you hear a word. You will tell your story, to yourself, and to your neighbor. 

The seven performing artists
Stas is a Polish professional dancer in Amsterdam, with a background in Movement Practice, dedicated to exploring the vastness of the human capacity to self-express, particularly through floorwork, strength, and acrobatics. 

Valeria is an Italian dancer living in Amsterdam, specialized in house dance and hip hop, who recently delved into Movement practice, which helped reach new depths of understanding the connection between the human body and music. 

Iasmina is an anthropology based somatics educator based in Utrecht, who teaches life skills around behavior development through body movement, play, awareness, and embodiment.

Matei is Movement and Science educator based in Utrecht, with a physics background, who teaches fundamental life and body principles through real-life examples.

Răzvan is a composer and rising music producer; he is also a light designer for theater and music performances in Bucharest.

Nicu is a singer and songwriter, currently working on launching his first album in Bucharest. As a sound technician, he creates an incredible behind-the-scenes duo with Răzvan in creating immersive experiences.

Luca is an experienced music producer who has worked with big artists in Los Angeles over the past 5 years. He is also a very skilled sound engineer and has teamed up with Nicu and Răzvan to work on various live events including theater and concerts.

Student Take-Over
This performance is a Student Take-Over; a Studium Generale program run by students for students. Once a quarter we give students the chance to use our resources to create an awesome Studium Generale program without our interference. Please join us in this experiment!

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