SG & USE (subject code SG100)

Studium Generale entices you to continue broadening your horizons on an academic, cultural, social and personal level during and after your studies.

Studium Generale (SG) activities are a standard part of the TU/e bachelor program - the so-called SG&USE arrangement. On this webpage you will find information about:  

  1. Personal overview in Academy Attendance of the SG&USE activities you attended
  2. Coronavirus measures, SG&USE points and graduation
  3. General explanation of SG&USE regulations
  4. SG & Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE)
  5. Contact

Update May 18, 2022

1. Personal overview in Academy Attendance of the SG&USE activities you attended

All students who have to fulfil the SG&USE obligation can view their personal overview of all activities attended in the attendance registration system ACADEMY ATTENDANCE.
Please log in with your TU/e student account. Further on in this text you will find a short instruction.    
Students who already completed SG&USE before September 2020 are not registered in Academy Attendance. 

Please note that you cannot register in Academy Attendance to attend a future Studium Generale activity. However, you can register via the specific program webpages on this website.
Your actual attendance will be verified by scanning your campus card at the location of the activity. To attend programs online (via the livestream), it is not necessary to register in advance. For these programs, attendance verification will also take place online.
See sections 2 and 3 on this webpage for more information about registration and offline and online attendance verification. 

If you experience problems logging in or have other technical questions about using Academy Attendance, please ask them via the Service Portal in Topdesk. If you have questions about your registered activities in Academy Attendance, please contact Studium Generale (contact information can be found in section 5 at the bottom of this webpage). 
Note: it is possible that your name is not displayed correctly because special characters are not recognized. Please report this to us, and we will make sure to correct it as soon as possible.   

Once you’ve logged into Academy Attendance, then....   
Go to Activities. This is the most important page for viewing your overview. The word Activity is used to refer to an activity /program.  
Under Activity Goals, it should say SG&USE (not MyFuture Activities). If it does not, switch pages to SG&USE by clicking on one of dots at the bottom of the webpage.

2. Coronavirus measures, SG&USE credits and graduation  

Activities - also called programs - generally take place at a physical location (offline). The number of programs that can (also) be attended online varies by quartile, depending on applicable coronavirus measures. The arrangement for online SG&USE registration may change and/or stop, partly depending on the easing of corona measures. As of May 2022, our programs are fully offline again for the time being. Keep an eye on the SG website for up-to-date information on where an activity is taking place and how to register attendance for it!   

Note: If you have any questions about completing SG&USE and earning your bachelor degree, please contact us as soon as possible (contact information can be found in section 5 at the bottom of this webpage). Please keep in mind that we have limited availability during the vacations and around public holidays and that last-minute questions cannot always be answered promptly. 

How does it work?   
You can find the current quartile’s SG programs here. Programs that take place in a future quartile are normally published on the website 2 weeks before the start of that quartile. 
If there is a USE logo on the program page, it means that registration for SG&USE is possible. This includes:   

-  USE-logo activities that can be attended offline at a physical location (campus or elsewhere).
The number of visitors that can attend a program is limited. Please take into account that additional restrictions and  increased limits on visitor numbers may possibly be instated due to corona measures. Registration through the website is therefore recommended/required if you wish to attend the program at the location. 
Attendance Verification: You will have your attendance verified on site at the location by an SG representative, who will scan your campus card prior to the start of the program.  

- USE-logo activities that can be attended online via the livestream. 
As of May 2022, our programs are fully offline again for the time being, and there will be no livestreamed programs. If circumstances change, you will be able to find the link to the livestream in the program info on this website.

Please note: DO NOT reserve a seat if you wish to attend the program online via the livestream.  
Attendance Registration: You can only register for SG&USE if you watch the entire program live via MS Teams (as opposed to watching it at a later time on playback) and if you are logged in with your own TU/e student email account throughout the entire program (as opposed to watching it with a group of friends via one account). Additionally, you must fill out an online SG&USE registration form. During the program, you will receive instructions as to where and when you can find the link to the online SG&USE registration form. Make sure to have your campus card with student ID number on hand when registering. You will find your student ID number on your campus card under the passport photo.  

Processing in Academy Attendance may take up to 5 business days. Please contact us if your registration does not show up in your overview after 5 working days (contact information can be found in section 5 at the bottom of this webpage). If you contact us later than 3 months after the program has taken place, we cannot guarantee that we will still be able to process your request.

3. General explanation SG&USE scheme  

If you started your Bachelor College studies in September 2014 or later, attending at least 5 Studium Generale (SG) activities marked with a USE logo is a mandatory part of your USE learning line. There are no exams associated with these SG activities, but you can only complete your USE learning trajectory if you have fulfilled attendance at least 5 USE-logo SG activities. You can begin attending these activities at any time after you have started your Bachelor College studies. Make sure you have completed your SG&USE obligation in time. Our advice: complete it at least 3 months before your scheduled exam committee meeting date.   

 Attendance at all USE-logo activities is verified either by having your campus card scanned by an SG representative on site before the program begins (for activities that take place at a physical location), or by completing an online SG&USE registration form during a livestreamed program (for activities that take place online). 
See section 2 for more information on attendance registration and verification.   
See section 1 for more information on viewing your record of activities attended. When you have fulfilled the obligation of attending at least 5 activities, this will be processed in Osiris under subject code SG100. Processing in Osiris may take up to two weeks; if the processing is not visible in Osiris two weeks after you attended your 5th activity, please contact us by email from your TU/e student email address. Mention your name and student ID-number in your email. You can find your student ID number on your campus card under the passport photo.

4. SG & Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE)   

If you are a student who is exempted from the USE course because you are enrolled in the Educational Minor at the Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE), you still have to attend at least 5 Studium Generale activities marked with a USE logo in addition to the coherent package. It is named the SG100 course in Osiris. Completion of the coherent package is separate from completion of the SG100 course. You are responsible for this completion yourself.    

5. Contact   

Do you have a question about the SG&USE regulation? First read the information above to see if your question is answered in one of the 4 sections. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us at Please send your email from your TU/e student email address.   

For questions about the Bachelor College and the USE curricula, it is best to contact the study advisor of your program.

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