SG & USE (course code SG100)

Activities of Studium Generale (SG) form an integral part of the TU/e bachelor program. Via the link below you can check which programs you have already attended (at TU/e campus or elsewhere through VPN connection). Below you will find more information about the arrangement.

My list of attended activities
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Coronvirus,SG USE points and graduation
Students who wish to obtain their Ba before the start of Q1 2020/2021 will, because of the effects of the corona virus measure, receive an exemption for the five Studium Generale USE points, provided that they have fulfilled all other obligations for obtaining the Ba diploma.

If you started the Bachelor College in the autumn of 2014 or later, attending at least 5 Studium Generale activities marked with a USE logo is part of your USE learning trajectory. These SG activities do not include any exams, but you can only complete your USE learning trajectory if you have at least attended these 5 activities. You can start this at any time. Please register your participation on the spot by scanning your student card before the start of the program and please make sure you are registered properly, otherwise we cannot verify if you have been present. The administration of the registrations can take two weeks. Please contact us if after two weeks your registration still has not appeared in your list.

If you started your bachelor program in the autumn of 2012 or 2013, you are exempt from this regulation and will not receive an assessment.

SG & Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE)
Some students are exempt from the USE learning trajectory because they do the minor of the Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE). Also for these students, besides doing the coherent package, attending 5 SG activities with USE logo is a requirement. In Osiris this is the course code SG100. Completing the coherent package is independent from completing the course SG100. It is your own responsibility to complete SG100.

Any questions about the USE arrangement? Please let us know via For questions concerning the Bachelor College and the USE learning trajectory please contact your program’s study advisor.