Building a meaningful career (sold out) uitverkocht

Alje van den Bosch
Maandag 4 februari 2019, 18:00 - 21:30 (uitverkocht)
Luna 1.240
Prijs: € 10,00 incl. btw (Student)

You have 80,000 hours in your career: what will you choose to do with them? Learn how to maximize your social impact and create a fulfilling career.

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Most of us want to make a positive difference to the world. How best to do this is the central question of the Effective Altruism movement. ‘Doing good’ sounds good, but what career choices will actually help you make a significant contribution?

In this fun and inspirational workshop, trainer Alje van den Bosch (Talent2Gather) will help you discover the underlying principles of effective altruism, and - more importantly - how to use these to work out your next steps for an impactful and fulfilling career. It is based on material by career research organization 80,000 Hours in Oxford.

You are requested to prepare a short exercise before the start of the workshop.

Dinner will be provided!

(Rules for workshops)

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