Eddy’s oorlog

Directed by Joost van der Valk
Woensdag 18 september , 19:30 - 21:30
Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos
Prijs: € 5,00 incl. btw (Student) € 10,00 incl. btw (Anderen)

Filmmaker Joost van der Valk follows war photographer Eddy van Wessel (four-time Silver Camera winner) as he covers the war in Ukraine, mostly on the front lines and in the heat of battle. This provides a unique insight into his working methods, his vision and his ability to observe and record war.

Genre: Documentary
Language: Dutch, subtitles: English

For four seasons, lone wolf Eddy van Wessel travels along the Ukrainian front lines. In the twilight of his successful career, the Netherlands' most awarded war photographer wants to take the ultimate photo one more time, the image that summarizes the entire conflict and that makes all the struggles, traumas and setbacks he has endured worthwhile. 

Filmmaker Joost van der Valk followed in his wake during this last period and documents how Van Wessel experiences and records the war through encounters and interactions with Ukrainians. On the other side of the lens, however, you are not immune to all the suffering of war. How do you function as a photographer in the surreal reality of war?

Joost van der Valk has won both an EMMY and a British Academy Award (BAFTA) for his work. He makes documentaries in the Netherlands, including Satudarah- One Blood, which was nominated for a Gouden Kalf for Best Long Documentary, but also works internationally for channels such as BBC, Al Jazeera, National Geographic and HBO. In recent years, he has worked as director on series such as Narcowars for Disney+ and Captains of the World, Drug Lords, Dope and Drive to Survive for Netflix.

The Studium Generale Student Film Committee recommends this film because: “It opens up an inspiring dialog about the role of photojournalism in times of war.”

Live Q&A with the director
Following the screening of the film, Joost van der Valk will participate in a Q&A session to discuss his experiences filming in Ukraine during the war. He will also reflect on the role of a war photographer and the ethical dilemmas photographers and filmmakers face.

The war in Ukraine is producing more and more documentaries. Some, like this one, are excellentModern Times Review

Want to dive deeper into this topic? 
To learn more about press freedom and the importance of independent, critical journalism, you can visit the World Press Photo Exhibition in Atlas or attend the lecture Press Freedom in Global Election Year 2024 by international correspondent Step Vaessen. SG is also showing the movie Civil War, which follows a team of war journalists across a dystopian future America. 

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