Martyn en Erosie sold out

Thursday, March 15 2012, 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM (sold out)

Once upon a time in Eindhoven there was a drum ’n bass DJ and a graffiti-artist. 10 years later one is doing gigs all over the world whereas the other does exhibitions all over the place. Who are we talking about? Martyn and Erosie, that’s who!

Nowadays, Martyn is way past drum ’n bass, got worldwide acclaim as dubstep-dj and  producer but has even outgrown that label, or like the VPRO says: “The getting on stage of the Washington resident Martyn, is befitting that of a medium league stadium rock-act: some even claim he has Messi alike skills.”

Jeroen Erosie, "The artist formerly known as street artist" exhibits from Berlin to Chicago, London to Barcelona, still searching for ways to comment on our postmodern obsession by means of visual language.

This evening’s not just another clubbing-night where you can bounce on Martyn’s tunes but an exploration of the symbiosis between image and sound of these two major lazers with a starting point in the question why Eindhoven gives birth to so much good art, design and music.



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