220V, Gaslab: Danger! High Voltage sold out

Thursday, March 24 2016, 8:44 PM - 1:44 AM (sold out)

Yep, it’s the twelfth episode of this infamous mini-electronic-music-festival. In the past we’ve had the likes of James Blake, Actress, Legowelt and Modeselektor. Now we are ready to get loose with, amongst others, Amsterdam-House-Fixer San Proper (Rush Hour) and other surprises delivered to you by the 220V-team. Get up, get down and get electrocuted!

220V aims at the element of surprise, the newbies, the up and coming and especially at that oh so important word that starts with a ‘d’ and ends with ‘ance’.  In between the acts the lads of 220V themselves will make sure your feet will be shufflin’

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