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World Press Photo 2020: Winning images explained

Samira Damato, Esther Horvath
Thursday, April 1 2021, 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Livestream via Facebook and YouTube
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Join us for an exploration of the most intriguing winning images of the prestigious photojournalism contest World Press Photo and meet one of the winning photographers.

Each year, the prestigious World Press Photo Exhibition travels all over the world to major cities like Tokyo, Rome, and Sydney. And each year, it lands in Eindhoven at our university. Unfortunately, due to the current covid-19 measures, the World Press photo 2020 exhibition at TU/e -planned to take place from March 12 until 31- had to be canceled. The good news is, however, that you can join the online live streamed event in which many of the winning images will be explored.

The online event

In this online event, we’ve invited World Press Photo Exhibition Manager Samira Damato to tell us about the most intriguing images of the 2020 Exhibition and about the issues that are connected to photojournalism: freedom of press, dedication and sacrifice, danger, creating awareness and political change, visual culture, and the question what makes a photo truly great.

We’ll also be joined by renowned photographer Esther Horvath, 1st prize winner of  World Press Photo Award, Environmental single category in 2020. Esther is a Fellow at International League of Conservation Photographers, iLCP, member of The Photo Society and science photographer for Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany. Her work has been featured in National Geographic,The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Audubon Magazine and GEO Magazine.

World Press Photo Exhibition

The Exhibition shows the winners of the World Press Photo Contest, in which the world’s leading photojournalists compete for the Photo and Story of the Year. This year, 73,996 photographs were entered into the contest, submitted by 4,282 professional photographers representing 125 different countries. The result is an exhibition of more than 150 powerful and evocative images and photo series from across the globe. The winning images cover eight categories: (contemporary issues, the environment, general news, long-term projects, nature, portraits, sports, and spot news). More information can be found here.

Watch this event via livestream

This online event will be streamed live to our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive a notification when we go live. You do not need to book a ticket to view the livestream.

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More information about SG & USE can be found here.

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