Bovenkamer (Upper Room)

October 11 2023 till October 30 2023
Atlas, ground floor
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

How often do you get the chance to enter someone else's mind to see what occupies and fascinates him on a daily basis? To discover what inspires him to create an incredible number of scenes, often painted in a matter of minutes? Come explore and feel welcome as you enter the mind of TU/e's Joep Huiskamp in this exhibition.

Countless collections, cases full of photos, notes, sketches, musings, diaries, notebooks and collages. Reflections and research on sometimes trivial matters, often from bygone eras, but sometimes very current. Intriguing too. All this results in a visual language that is overwhelming, attractive, unadorned and sometimes inscrutable.

The exhibition “Bovenkamer” (Upper Room) shows the unbridled and, at the same time, ordered inner world of a unique person from the TU/e community: Joep Huiskamp. A master networker, a bridge builder, a signboarder, a free intellectual, an outstanding chronicler, a Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau, and above all, an engaging, modest human being. 

Enter Bovenkamer (the Upper Room). Enter his bovenkamer (Upper Room)

Opening hours
The exhibition is located on the first floor of the Atlas Building and can be visited Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 19:00 without reservations.

Special program for Joep Huiskamp 
On October 11, TU/e will bid farewell to a unique policy maker, Joep Huiskamp. Unique because of his creative power, his historical conscience, his authorship and his talent for building bridges. He will be knighted for his services in 2021.

Also on October 11, at 14:30 in the Blauwe Zaal in Auditorium, a special program for Joep Huiskamp will take place. Ten friends will talk about their great passion in exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds on 20 slides. Everyone is welcome.

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