SG@Jazzed Up: De Baron

Saturday, May 25 , 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Microstad (Dorgelolaan 2)
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

Set sail! Brace yourselves, for the The Baron is on the horizon. Have you ever experienced a klezmer mosh pit? Now imagine it with De Baron: an energetic Guerrilla Brass Band that takes their inspiration from various world genres: DesertRock, BalkanBeat and the Dutch Levenslied.

Keep in mind that the lyrics are in Dutch, but after all, isn't music a universal language?

Eindhoven student jazz association Studentproof is spreading its wings with the new Jazzed Up festival. They are descending on Microstad with numerous Studentproof ensembles, plus the Eindhovens Jazz Orkest and Student Jazz Association Groover from Delft.

Studium Generale is also chipping in, and what a contribution it is: De Baron. This young band from Utrecht fuses steamy brass, urban Balkan and art rock into a sound that will blow you from the Dutch polder to the Sahara, all sung in Dutch. They call it guerrilla brass - De Baron is the anarchic answer to the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

Stories of being adrift at sea, perishing on the steppe and reveling in the desert. Their performances exude a contagious anarchic love and pour out tons of energy over the audience. They’ve captivated crowds at events like Valkhof Festival, Oerol, Liberation Festivals and Black Cross, among others. 

Ever dreamed of being in the heart of a Klezmer mosh pit? This is your chance!

Ticket Reservation 
Tickets are free, but you need to reserve a ticket. All info about the festival and the tickets can be found on  

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