Dorian Dumont plays Aphex Twin

Dorian Dumont
Wednesday, September 20 2023, 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM
Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium
Price: Free (Student) Free (Others)

Flip it and get lit! ‘Normally’, electronic music samples live music to come to a track, but today it’s the other way around: pianist Durian Dumont plays the music of Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, live and acoustically. Jazzy, bluesy, but most of all -- the essence of simple beauty.

We welcome Dorian Dumont, a Frenchman who studied classical piano at the Conservatory of Montpellier and has since won multiple awards. His interest in jazz, however, led him to the Conservatory of Brussels, where he never left, culminating in numerous projects and bands, with Echt as the provisional highlight. In this band, he makes music at the intersection of jazz, electronic music and hip-hop. But of course, there’s more to him: in 2021 he released his first solo album “APHEXionS” centered around the artist Aphex Twin.

Who is APHEX TWIN? Well, according to the New York Times and The Guardian, he is one of the most influential and important artists in contemporary electronic music. Dumont strips Aphex’ classics to the core, and contrary to what you might expect, no electronics are involved. Rather, he carefully transcribes a wide selection of Richard D. James' music for grand piano, giving the songs a whole new dimension. 

As an accomplished jazz pianist, he improvises on the various themes, adding a touch of blues here and there. The result is a homage that captures both the simple beauty and unruly complexity of Aphex Twin. But above all, it sounds like refreshing new music that immediately puts Dorian Dumont on the map as a solo pianist!

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