Artist in Residence field trip to Verbeke Foundation, Belgium

For the third time since 2019, TU/e is temporarily "inhabited" by an Artist in Residence (AiR). Following in the footsteps of musician Spinvis (2019) and writer Arnon Grunberg (2021), it is now the turn of experimental performance artist Gover Meit, better known as Stefano Keizers and currently going by the name of Donny Ronny. 

Over the past few weeks, 23 intrepid TU/e students have been following workshops with him to explore unexplored territory beyond borders, comfort zones, fears and shame.  As part of their expedition Stefano took them on a field trip to the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium. The Verbeke Foundation is a private art site where culture, nature and ecology come together. The space houses an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art, and as an art sanctuary also offers opportunities to young artists. The exhibitions shown are not meant to be an oasis, but are unfinished, in motion, unpolished, contradictory, messy, complex, unharmonious, alive, and unmonumental, like the world outside the museum walls.

“I found the Verbeke Foundation mesmerizing, weird and full of art. One of the most interesting and peculiar places I have ever been to. 10/10, would recommend!”. 
Thanos Nousias, student participant of the Expedition

The video below shows an impression of the fieldtrip. 

Artist in Residence Closing Event

The Artist in Residence expedition saw the light of day on September 11, when 100 people played hide-and-seek in the Auditorium, led by "seeker" Stefano. It was an unforgettable evening where everyone was able to shake off their adulthood for a moment and feel like a kid again.

This year's Artist in Residence expedition will end on November 25th with a closing event that will be open to everyone, so mark your calendars and come and be surprised by Stefano and the participating students. You can reserve tickets for the closing event on this website at a later date.



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