Photo impression | Ultimate Hide and Seek with Stefano Keizers

To kick off his Artist in Residence program at TU/e this fall, performance artist and media personality Gover Meit, formerly known as Stefano Keizers, took around 100 students back to their youth in a blisteringly exciting evening: playing hide and seek in the Auditorium on the TU/e campus.

Watch the video impression above. The video was recorded by Fabian Luijckx.

Some reactions from participants:

"I could taste the dust under the stairs in auditorium. Also, spontaneously meeting a bunch of new people was fun. Especially, cooperating, sharing different techniques and trying to figure out where the seeker was :)"

“Even though hide-and-seek is obviously something you know well from childhood, it is a different experience to do it as an adult in the dark with a large group. I don't think I'll ever experience that again,”

“It was a childhood dream come true. Feeling like a kid again for 1h and 10 min. Very great idea.”

"This time it was a game … but what if you really have to hide to not be found, like in a war, that is pretty scary. The thunder and lightning that night added to the scary experience."


See all photos HERE. Photos by Levi Baruch

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