SG24/60 To cook or not to cook

Dr. Rosanne Hertzberger en chef Erling Rugsten
Donderdag 4 oktober 2018, 17:30 - 18:30
Corona, Luna
Lecture and discussion
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

Everyone is obsessed with food these days. One hype after another promotes #organic, #natural, #healthy ways of eating. But why do we fear food additives (E numbers), preservatives and ready meals? They hold the key to a healthier, safer and more sustainable life, argues Rosanne Hertzberger. And what’s more: such innovations in food proccesing technology make cooking obsolete, giving us more time on our hands to spend on things that really matter. Hertzberger will be joined by chef Erling Rugsten in this interactive discussion about smart cooking, smart food and smart technology.

Dr. Rosanne Hertzberger is microbiologist (VU University) and author, with a weekly column in NRC Handelsblad. Last year her much-discussed book Ode aan de E-nummers came out, which (among others) contests the idea that food additives are harmful.

‘I eat, therefore I am’, is the motto of internationally renowned chef Erling Rugsten (Seats2meet). He is driven by a great passion for food and will share his views on the importance of food and healthy eating.

You don't need to reserve for this program, but be sure you are in time for a spot, because full = full.

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