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The Evolving Animal Orchestra

Prof.dr. Henkjan Honing
Maandag 17 januari 2022, 15:30 - 16:30
Live stream via Teams or Blauwe Zaal (for TU/e students only)

What is musicality and where did it originate? From dancing cockatoo Snowball to the apparent musical songs of singing birds. Music cognition researcher prof. Henkjan Honing takes you on his quest to discover if humans share the trait of musicality with other animals.

This lecture is organized in collaboration with TU/e’s Study Association for Applied Physics J.D. van der Waals. 

Even those of us who can't play a musical instrument or lack a sense of rhythm can perceive and enjoy music. Research shows that all humans possess the trait of musicality. We are a musical species, but are we the only musical species? Is our musical predisposition unique, like our linguistic ability? Henkjan Honing shows in a lively, interactive presentation full of music samples that scientists are getting closer and closer to discovering the biological and evolutionary source of our musicality.

Prof.dr. Henkjan Honing is a professor of Music Cognition at both the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam and founder of the Music Cognition Group. He studies what musicality is, or can be, and to what extent human beings share musicality with other animals. His aim is to define the cognitive and biological mechanisms that underpin musicality. In addition to a research agenda (The Origins of Musicality, 2018, MIT Press), Honing has published several books for the general public, including the English-language publications Music Cognition: The Basics and The Evolving Animal Orchestra.

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