Mick la Rock
Woensdag 21 september 2022, 12:40 - 13:20
Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

‘If art is a crime, may God forgive me’. What art are we talking about, do you reckon? Graffiti it is! The artform that originated in the ghettos of New York and evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Guest speaker and graffiti pioneer Mick la Rock tells you all about it in this lecture. 

Some call it vandalism, but public opinion nowadays sees it as art in public spaces. In this lecture, you will hear about the origins of this art form and that there’s also a major socio-economic side to the rise of graffiti as we know it. Some claim that the first graffiti were those in the caves of Lascaux, for example, but that’s not the graffiti we focus on here. We’re talking The Bronx, Brooklyn, murals, the subway, gang culture and the rise of Hip Hop.

Speaker of today, Aileen Middel aka Mick La Rock, is one of the world's first and most well-known female graffiti artists. Nowadays, she’s also an urban arts consultant with lots of active mural works and publications. She’s been active since 1983 and has had a New York connection since 1992, when she was involved in a big exhibition of the Groninger Museum with the pioneers of the NYC graffiti scene. She’s on it!

Sign-up for the Graffiti excursion 
And, we’ve got more in store for you! After the lecture we have an optional one hour guided tour to graffiti Walhalla ‘De Berenkuil’: the biggest Hall of Fame in the Netherlands. If you would like to attend this excursion you need to register here. 

This program is organized in collaboration with the Art Committee of the TU/e. During the walk, you will have a chance to chat with members about the role of art in our community. 

And remember: EARTH without ART is just…. Eh.

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