Gender-based violence uitverkocht

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni
Woensdag 1 december 2021, 12:40 - 13:20 (uitverkocht)
Livestream via MS Teams
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

Almost every eight days, a woman is murdered in the Netherlands. In more than half of the cases, it is by her (ex-)partner. Yet here, unlike in France or Spain, femicide (the killing of women because they are women) is hardly a topic in the public debate. Why does gender-based violence get so little attention?

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Gender-based violence comes in all shapes and sizes, from using "gay" as a swear word, to victim blaming and to femicide. These types of violence and transgressive behaviors are closely linked. Even supposedly innocent sexist jokes about stereotypes are part of a culture in which violence against women, LGBTIs, and people of color is trivialized and even normalized. Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni discusses the causes, effects, and significance of violence based on or related to gender and explains what we can do to stop gender-based violence. 

Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni is a gender scientist and CEO of Atria research institute on gender equality and women's history. Originally from Tunisia, she studied gender studies at the Sorbonne in Paris and received her PhD at the University of Lyon. She has been working and living in The Netherlands for over 20 years, is an experienced researcher and lecturer in gender and media studies, and is a frequent public speaker on feminism, sexuality, entrepreneurship, and feminine leadership.

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