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Explaining humans

Dr. Camilla Pang
Dinsdag 18 mei 2021, 12:40 - 13:20
Livestream via YouTube and Facebook
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Award winning neurodiverse author and researcher Camilla Pang explains how proteins, machine learning and molecular chemistry can teach us about the complexities of human behavior and the world around us.

This event is organized by the TU/e Postdoc Association in cooperation with Studium Generale.

How do we understand the people around us? How do we recognize people's motivations, their behavior, or even their facial expressions? And, when do we learn the social cues that dictate human behavior?

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of eight, Camilla Pang struggled to understand the world around her, and the way people worked. Desperate for a solution, she asked her mother if there was an instruction manual for humans that she could consult. But, without the blueprint to life she was hoping for, Pang began to create her own.

Now armed with a PhD in biochemistry, she dismantles our obscure social customs and identifies what it really means to be human using her unique expertise and a language she knows best: science. Through a set of scientific principles, her book Explaining humans sheds new light on life's everyday interactions, like making decisions, handling conflicts, and establishing relationships.

Dr. Camilla Pang holds a PhD in biochemistry from University College London and is a postdoctoral scientist specializing in translational bioinformatics. With her debut Explaining Humans, she won the UK’s prestigious Royal Society science book prize (November 2020). Her book offers an original and incisive exploration of human nature and the strangeness of social norms, written from the outside looking in.

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