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Drought goes underground | Canceled

Prof. dr. ir. Franciska de Vries
Woensdag 23 september 2020, 12:40 - 13:20
Blauwe Zaal, Auditorium & livestream
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Unfortunately, this lecture has to be postponed because of personal circumstances of the speaker. 
There will be no Studium Generale lecture on Wednesday 23 September. Please check our agenda for upcoming programs.

As the climate changes we are facing longer periods of drought. Prof. Franciska de Vries discusses the effects climate change has on the world's soils and the organisms that live there, and the problems this might create for humans.

The soil is full of creatures we barely know of. Fungi, bacteria, mites; a range of hardly visible organisms perform key processes of carbon and nutrient cycling that form the basis for important services our ecosystem provides, like climate mitigation, food production, and supporting aboveground biodiversity.

However, climate change, land use change, agricultural intensification, and the loss and gain of plant species all threaten the diversity and functioning of soil communities, with direct consequences for the functions they perform. Franciska de Vries will demonstrate the importance of understanding processes that happen in the soil and will leave you with a new-found appreciation for the world beneath your feet.

Prof. dr. ir. Franciska de Vries is a soil ecologist and professor of earth surface science at the University of Amsterdam. She studies how human-induced disturbances affect soil communities, and how we can protect these to conserve our ecosystems, mitigate climate change, and to make agriculture more sustainable. In a recent publication in Science, she explains the importance of the microbiome of plant roots for the protection of crops from the effects of droughts.

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