The Worst Person in the World (Verdens Verste Menneske)

Directed by Joachim Trier
Dinsdag 7 juni 2022, 20:00 - 22:15
Woensdag 8 juni 2022, 20:00 - 22:15
Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos
Prijs: € 4,00 incl. btw (Student) € 8,00 incl. btw (Anderen)

The quarter life crisis. Asking yourself the Great Questions of Life. Maybe you've already found for yourself some answers, perhaps you're currently struggling, or maybe you're one of the few who just skipped it and is happily coasting through life. In each case, this film will make you chuckle, cover your eyes out of recognition, cringe in embarrassment, want to hug every single character, and even get a little bit teary. Come love it.

Language: Norwegian – subtitles:  English

Julie is almost thirty and just isn’t satisfied with her life. She has been in a stable relationship with the 45-year-old successful graphic novelist Aksel, who would like to start a family soon. But Julie doesn’t feel ready for that. She has started and quit multiple studies and is now struggling to find out what kind of job would be suited to her. And to make things worse, she meets the very attractive Eivind at a party. What does she actually really want in life?



  • “Life can change in a split second, and The Worst Person in the World makes it clear that while making major life decisions is important, there’s an entire swath of unexpected moments and choices that will irrevocably change who we are, and these can come at any time.Collider.
  • “A minor epic about uncertainty in both life and love, "The Worst Person in the World" is a revelation, a pitch-perfect romantic comic-drama that flips rom-com tropes so effectively that it winds up transcending the entire genre.The Detroit News.

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