The Reason I Jump

Directed by Jerry Rothwell
Woensdag 11 januari 2023, 19:30 - 21:00
Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos
Prijs: € 4,00 incl. btw (Student) € 8,00 incl. btw (Anderen)

A beautiful and touching documentary that attempts to give insight into how the world is experienced by young people with non- verbal autism all around the world. This, in turn, enriches our own way of seeing and perceiving the world.

Language: English, subtitels: Dutch

The film shows young people with autism from the US to the UK to India and Africa not only via observation and interviews, but also through images and sound, sometimes accompanied by quotes from the book The reason I jump by teenager Naoki Higashida. This brings us into their world, letting us appreciate how they are sometimes drowned by sensory perception and emotion, by memories that they cannot structure and contextualize the way others can.

By using a letterboard one of them states: “I think we can change the conversation around autism by being part of the conversation”.  This film provides an opportunity to bring you into their world and improve your understanding. Their perspective can truly enrich our own perception of the world.

This film will be followed by a Q&A with Roy Houtkamp. 

Roy is an applied psychologist (Fontys HRM & TP) and works at the Fontys ICT Institute in Eindhoven as a member of the Student+ team (since 2016) and as Autism Ambassador. The Student+ team supports students with developing their professional skills (e.g. planning, communication and motivation) by giving one-on-one coaching and workshops.  He is an expert by experience on autism, because he has autism himself and he has been working with people who have autism since 2011. As autism ambassador he tries to create awareness about the subject, and neurodiversity in general, and the effect it can have on someone's educational process and work activities.

The film won the Sundance Audience Award

“It is an intriguing and empathic study, which could help all of us to understand.” The Guardian.

“An Unusual Film With a Very Important Message” NeuroClastic.

“Naoki Higashida's groundbreaking first-person account of living with autism becomes an inventive, sensuous documentary worthy of its source …. this compassionate, creative documentary will open ears and eyes in equal measure.” Variety

This is a fascinating, sensitive portrayal of how nonverbal, neurodiverse young adults look at the world, communicate, and express their joy.” Common Sense Media.

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The Studium Generale film program is created in collaboration with the student film committee and Natlab.


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