Io Capitano

Directed by Matteo Garrone
Maandag 7 oktober , 19:30 - 21:45
Dinsdag 8 oktober , 19:30 - 21:45
Filmhuis De Zwarte Doos
Prijs: € 5,00 incl. btw (Student) € 10,00 incl. btw (Anderen)

Io Capitano is a powerful tale of a young Senegalese migrant's perilous journey to Europe, capturing the raw realities and indomitable spirit of human endurance. Directed by Matteo Garrone, this film is a poignant exploration of hope, resilience, and the quest for a better life.

Genre: drama
Language: multilingual, subtitles: English

The film follows the heart-wrenching odyssey of Seydou, a teenager from Senegal, who dreams of a better life in Europe. Fueled by hope and determination, Seydou embarks on a perilous journey across the Sahara Desert and the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

As Seydou navigates the dangers of human traffickers, extreme weather conditions, and the constant threat of violence, he forms unexpected alliances and confronts profound challenges. The film's portrayal of his relentless spirit and unwavering hope highlights the broader human condition and the universal quest for a better future.

Io Capitano is not just a story of migration; it is a powerful exploration of human endurance and the indomitable will to survive against all odds. Garrone's masterful direction, combined with a poignant screenplay, brings an authenticity that immerses the audience in Seydou's world. The cinematography captures both the stark beauty and the brutal realities of the landscapes Seydou traverses, while the evocative score underscores the emotional depth of his journey.

This film is recommended by the Student Film Committee because: "It’s not another poor-immigrants-dying-and-then-you-cry film.”

The film received critical acclaim, winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival and earning a nomination for Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards. The film's compelling storytelling and stunning cinematography also garnered it several nominations at the European Film Awards.

“Io Capitano takes a news story that’s mostly about numbers, and puts a human face on it.”  Washington Post

“The film highlights the resilience of its subjects and mobilizes us to reflect on persistent racist immigration policies.Paste Magazine

“Garrone’s film has a three-dimensional and devastatingly realized human soul at its core.IndieWire

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