The Ethical Casino: Arnon Grunberg and guests on meritocracy

Arnon Grunberg, Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Payal Arora, and others
Woensdag 13 oktober , 20:00 - 21:15
Blauwe Zaal + livestream via YouTube and Facebook
Prijs: Gratis (Student) Gratis (Anderen)

Famous Dutch novelist, columnist and journalist Arnon Grunberg is TU/e’s Artist-in-Residence during its 65th lustrum year. In this second public event, part of his educational program ‘The Ethical Casino’, he will discuss meritocracy as an ideal, along with his guests, Wijnand IJsselsteijn (TU/e) , Payal Arora (Erasmus University) and others.

In this social model, the socio-economic position a person attains is determined by their efforts and skills rather than the good or bad luck that befalls them. As Grunberg puts it: “What are we prepared to pay, in money or effort or rules and regulations, to create a more equal society? Where should the limits of government intervention lie? How much lost liberty are we prepared for it to cost? You could think of society as a casino.”

Grunberg will reflect on these and other questions with Wijnand IJsselsteijn, Professor of Cognition and Affect in Human-Technology Interaction at TU/e, Payal Aurora, Professor of Technology, Values, and Global Media Cultures at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and others.

Artist-in-Residence educational program

This year’s Artist-in-Residence program is organized as part of the TU/e lustrum ‘Heroes like you’ and in collaboration with Verstegen & Stigter Cultural Projects. It consists of six masterclasses and a weekend excursion with a selection of 25 students, all of which will take place in the fall.

There will also be three public events of which this discussion program is the second one. The final presentation of the results of the masterclasses will be held on November 17.

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