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Rebuilding war-torn cities

Paul Groenendijk, Oleksandra Tkachenko, Fulco Treffers
Dinsdag 10 oktober 2023, 19:30 - 21:15
LAB-1, Keizersgracht 19
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Rebuilding cities in the aftermath of conflict and devastation presents significant challenges, but also unique opportunities for transformation and renewal. This evening, experts will share their views and experiences of post-war reconstruction and reform, with a particular focus on the situation in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine continues to affect people living in the country's cities. But amid the destruction and ongoing conflict, the country is determined to rebuild its cities and restore its cultural heritage. Throughout history and around the world, there are numerous examples of cities that have been rebuilt after war, some almost completely. What happens when a city is rebuilt from the ground up, and what geopolitical and economic realities do its citizens face? 

Exploring post-war cities that have undergone remarkable transformations after periods of war and destruction, such as Rotterdam in the Netherlands, allows us to delve into the intricacies, strategies, and lessons learned from the rebuilding process. 
The speakers for this event will be announced soon. 

Our three guests, exploring this topic tonight are: 

Oleksandra Tkachenko, an urban planner at KuiperCompagnons and coordinator of the Ukraine Netherlands Urban Network (UNUN). She has a dual background in urban planning and urban management and development; her projects are always strongly environment, people, and program oriented. The UNUN initiative is a community of Ukrainians in the Netherlands, Dutch architectural and spatial planning organizations and professionals who have joined forces to exchange knowledge in the context of Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Paul Groenendijka researcher and publicist. He has written extensively on the reconstruction of Rotterdam, its ideas and struggles, and comparisons with other cities such as Eindhoven, Dresden, and new cities in the making. His books include Rotterdam Wederopbouwstad and the Eindhoven Architecture Guide.

Fulco Treffersan urban planner, architect, and project manager at 12N Urban Matters. He is the co-founder of Ro3kvit, an urban coalition for Ukraine. Through design and research, Ro3Kvit addresses urgent needs raised by stakeholders and links them to future reconstruction strategies. Inspired by studies of other (post-war) countries, Ro3kvit is developing new urban design methods with a focus on co-creative organization and sustainable development.

The discussion will be moderated by Jan Willem Wesselink (NPO Radio 1). 

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