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Heroes and the future

To be announced
Vrijdag 28 mei , 15:00 - 17:00
Livestream via YouTube and Facebook
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What will the world look like in 2086, 65 years from now? Three heroes of our time discuss the evolving technologies, climate change and the (r)evolution of humankind.

The TU/e is turning 65 . A perfect moment to look far into the future. What will the world look like in 2086, 65 years from now? “Prediction is hard, especially when it is about the future”, Bohr once said, “but what a fascinating challenge it is to give it just a try and deal with the issue.”

In this lively, interactive, online program, three heroes of our time from the fields of science, philosophy and journalism will discuss their views about our future world. How do we maintain control over our technology-embedded lives? What is needed to save the earth from the climate catastrophe?  Will our work be executed by robots exclusively? Will equality in our society be diminished? Will we be able to live forever…? Challenging questions that will help us examine the world as we know it today and the world as it might look in the future.

Speakers will be announced soon.

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