Make Your Own Perfume sold out

Frank Bloem BA
Tuesday, May 14 , 7:30 PM - 9:45 PM (sold out)
College room 10 (2nd floor Auditorium)
Price: € 8.00 incl. vat (Student)

Start working with that fragrance library. After this workshop, you will leave with 10ml of your own unique perfume. That smells like student spirit!

In this workshop, artist and perfumer Frank Bloem BA will introduce you to the world of perfume creation. You'll learn a little about the basics of composing a fragrance, and by the end, you'll have some theoretical knowledge about the principles of perfumery, how to blend scents, and the difference between natural and synthetic scents. You will work by mixing scents using a scent library, and mostly you will smell a whole lot of scents. 

For artist Frank Bloem, scent is his main medium. He studied fine art at the Rietveld Academy. In the summer of 2016, Frank shifted his focus from visual to scented works and started the Snifferoo. This perfume laboratory is a place for education and experimentation around scent. He has created several personalized perfumes, gives regular workshops, and has reproduced the elephant scent from Artis.

Ticket reservation: TU/e students, PhD’s and EngD’s only
Only TU/e students, PhD’s and EngD’s can attend this workshop. Before you reserve a spot, please check out the rules for workshops.  You can order a student ticket using the black order button on this page. 

SG & USE/ITEC registration 
Please register for SG & USE/ITEC by scanning your student ID at the venue prior to the start of the program.
More information about SG & USE/ITEC can be found here

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