Creative thinking (full)

Mark Vandael
Tuesday, March 10 2020, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM (sold out)
Tuesday, March 17 2020, 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Atlas 2.215
Price: € 10.00 incl. vat (Student)

Creative Thinking is a crash course in rearranging habits of thought, getting rid of assumptions, being thrown in at the deep end, enabling you to think freely.

This workshop consists of 2 sessions.

 It is not possible to subscribe for this workshop anymore.

In two sessions you’ll get a quick glance at the world of creative thinking and you will understand you own and other’s creative potential. In the first session we’ll cover the basics (the brain’s functioning, divergence, convergence, tools). In the second session you will dig deeper while exploring a real challenge.

Mark Vandael, expert in the field of creative thinking, will lead the training course. He organizes training sessions and workshops for major companies and organizations. In the past years these workshops were a huge success. Subscribe as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

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