Build your own lapsteel guitar sold out

Wednesday, October 21 2015, 6:45 PM - 9:45 PM (sold out)

Always wanted to learn to play a lapsteel guitar? Better yet: always wanted to learn to play a lapsteel guitar AND build one yourself? Because that’s what we gonna do in this ‘workshop’. Dijf Sanders, a musician hailing from Ghent, Belgium who, amongst other things, makes electronic music, is gonna help you. You’re going to build a simple electric lapsteel guitar. The pick-up will be build with ‘trash’ and electronic components. We’re gonna recycle, combine and learn to play simple electro-acoustic phenomena. Simple, cheap and efficient! And yes, as a bonus you’re gonna solder and if you’re quick enough we’re gonna jam with the lot.


Costs: 7,50 euro (including drinks)
Reserve here

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