Small Prize of The Netherlands Band competition sold out

Wednesday, April 27 2011, 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM (sold out)

Tonight is the final of the 2nd edition of the TU/e’s top pop music competition. Come and see the new contenders and cheer them on! From pounding drums to heavenly singing and everything in between. Complete with jury and public prize and everything else that makes this a real band competition: the Kleine Prijs van Nederland (Small Prize of the Netherlands). Who knows, you might see tomorrow’s TMF/Grammy/Edison/MTV award winners.

And the finalists are:
9th Wonders  : in-yer-face punk rock!
Catch of the Day: uptempo and downbeat jazz
Grouse: acoustic duo with fantastic harmonies
Snoeck  : smart and stylish pop

Come and shout your lungs out for your favorite band, or enjoy that undiscovered musical pearl in silence.

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